Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner


Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner: a potent, anti-static product for plastic and hard surfaces. Ideal for electronic gadgets, kitchen appliances, and car interiors, it guarantees a dust-free, pristine result, eliminating smudges and fingerprints for a perfect shine. NEVER USE HARSH CHEMICALS SUCH AS GLASS CLEANER TO CLEAN PLASTIC!

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Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner

Our latest product, the Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner, has hit the market. This innovative solution not only cleans but also eliminates static that attracts dust. We use it in our facility before shipping out products to customers because it is the most effective plastic cleaner available.

The Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner is a groundbreaking product designed to upkeep the pristine condition of your plastic surfaces. Its powerful cleaning properties, coupled with its anti-static features, make it a vital addition to every household. From electronic devices and kitchen appliances to car interiors, this cleaner guarantees a spotless, dust-free finish. Bid farewell to smudges, fingerprints, and dust accumulation with the Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner – your go-to solution for a flawless shine every time!


Revolutionizing the cleaning product industry, the Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner is a game-changer. With its advanced formula that not only cleans but also prevents dust buildup by removing static, it is a must-have for maintaining the impeccable appearance of plastic surfaces. Whether it's your treasured electronic devices, stylish kitchen appliances, or your car's interior, this cleaner will deliver exceptional results, keeping everything sparkling. Forget about smudges, fingerprints, or dust – the Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner guarantees a pristine shine like never before. Incorporate it into your cleaning routine and revel in flawlessly clean surfaces every time.


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