Craftics 16″ x 16″ Microfiber Cloth –


Smooth microfiber towel in blue. This suede-like towel measures16in x 16in. This reusable cloth has ultra-fine fibers and a smooth surface for lint-free cleaning. Machine washable. 1 towel per package. Use with 20/20 Plasti-Polish and 20/20 Plasti-Cleaner.

Cleaning plastic materials is very easy with our 20/20 Plasti-Cleaner and our special Microfiber Towel! Please note: NEVER USE HARSH CHEMICALS SUCH AS GLASS CLEANER TO CLEAN PLASTIC!

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The craftics microfiber cloth is a cleaning tool made from fine synthetic fibers that are finer than a human hair. Unlike regular cloths made from materials like cotton, the microfibers on a craftics cloth are ultra-fine. They are tightly woven, creating a soft cloth with an almost velvety feel. When used for cleaning, the tiny microfibers are able to penetrate and trap dirt, dust, and grime. The tight weave also enables the microfiber cloth to hold far more water and cleaning solution compared to a regular cloth. This combination of trapping particles and holding liquid provides superior cleaning power on surfaces.

Where Can They Be Used

Craftics microfiber cloths can be used on a number of different things. Many use them for dusting and polishing furniture, cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces until they sparkle. Others use them for scrubbing tile and hard surfaces. The tiny fibers are able to lift and trap allergens like dust and pet dander, making microfiber cloths ideal for allergy sufferers.

They are also lint-free, so they won't leave behind any fuzz or residue. Microfiber cloths are versatile enough to be used wet or dry for a variety of cleaning tasks around the entire home. Their durability allows them to be washed and reused over and over again. While still maintaining their soft, absorbent quality. With their superior cleaning abilities, Craftics microfiber cloths are a useful tool to have for easy and effective cleaning jobs.


These oversized Microfiber cloths (16" x 16") are incredible! When you have the right tools, everything is easier. That's why pairing this microfiber cloth with our Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner is an easy choice. The cleaner and microfiber cloth together, remove the static, smudges, dirt and grime easily. Also, if you have any scratches, pairing the microfiber and the Craftics 20/20 solution is the way to go!