Craftics 20/20 Plasti-Polish –


The 8oz flip-top bottle of Craftics 20/20 Plasti-Polish is an all-purpose plastic polish that removes scratches, haziness, and oxidation from household and industrial plastics. It revitalizes faded, discolored plastics and restores a lustrous shine. For the best results, follow up with Cutzy Formula 52 to leave surfaces clean and streak-free.

Cleaning plastic materials is very easy with our 20/20 Plasti-Cleaner and our special Microfiber Towel! Please note: NEVER USE HARSH CHEMICALS SUCH AS GLASS CLEANER TO CLEAN PLASTIC!

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Craftics 20/20 Plasti-Polish

Craftics 20/20 plastic polish is a premier product designed specifically for restoring and protecting plastic surfaces to new condition. This high-quality polish contains micro-abrasives that work to gently buff away oxidation, scratches, haziness, and other defects. What makes Craftics 20/20 unique is the advanced formula that polishes without leaving behind a greasy residue. Instead it leaves plastic looking renewed, with a like-new appearance. The great thing is anyone can look like a pro when using this amazing product.

How to

The polish is easy to apply by hand using a clean, soft  microfiber cloth. Rubbing in small circular motions, the mild abrasives get into crevices of the scratch. Then they gently grind and buff away imperfections in the plastic. The process is gradual, requiring patience and care to achieve the best results. With continued use, Craftics 20/20 can make even old, weathered plastic look brand new again. It's safe for use on plexiglass, headlights, taillights, instrument clusters, and a wide variety of other plastic components.


Many customer testimonials rave about the dramatic transformation Craftics 20/20 provided for them. It has revived foggy headlights, scratched visors, and faded plastic trim pieces that looked unsalvageable. It's a proven plastic polish trusted by collectors, restorers, and detailing enthusiasts. All of whom are seeking to revive plastic to a like-new condition. For anyone looking to improve the appearance of plastic surfaces, Craftics 20/20 Plasti-polish is a top choice!

Craftics 20/20 Plasti-Polish gently yet effectively erases defects and restores clarity. It easily removes scratches, haze and oxidation. Revitalizes & renews faded, discolored plastics to a lustrous shine. Also, don't forget, Plastifab is one of the few suppliers that offer Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner!  It is simply the best plastic cleaner available for cleaning hard surfaces! Pairing the Cutzy Formula 52 with the Craftics 20/20 polish will allow you to clean and shine your most prized possessions leaving them like new!