Polishing & Scratch Removal Kit


The Craftics Plastic Polishing & Scratch Removal Kit contains everything needed to prepare plastic edges for gluing, repair surface scratches, and polish surfaces. The kit includes 1/2-oz each of 20/20 Plasti-Polish and 20/20 Plasti-Cleaner, a polishing cloth, sanding block, 150 and 600 grit sandpaper, and instructions on the back of the card.


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What is it?

The Plastic Polishing and Scratch Removal Kit is the all-in-one restoration system that transforms cloudy, lackluster surfaces.

  • Complete 3-step process: polish, buff, and clean
  • Gentle abrasives smooth away scratches
  • Removes fogging and oxidation
  • Restores optical clarity

What Can it do?

Plexiglass surfaces can regain their former glory with the Polishing and Scratch Removal Kit. It is designed to breathe new life into dull and scratched surfaces. This all-in-one restoration system features a simple 3-step process. First you start off by polishing the material. You follow up with buffing the affected area. Once this is complete, you finish up with cleaning the material to a shine! This system makes it easy to achieve professional-grade results whether at home or on the job site!.

The gentle abrasives in the kit work to smooth away scratches, remove fogging and oxidation, and restore the optical clarity of plexiglass. Over time, everyday wear and tear can leave plexiglass looking lackluster, but with this kit, you can recondition and polish your surfaces to a clear, glossy finish.

The secret lies in the polishing compound that gently eliminates fine scratches and abrasions, restoring optical clarity, while the scratch remover buffs the surface smooth. The plexiglass cleaner then effectively removes any residue; leaving behind a flawless, polished finish that will make your plexiglass items look brand new.


Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of specialty shops. With minimal effort, you can revitalize your faded and scratched plexiglass surfaces using this comprehensive 3-step polishing and renewal system. Give your plexiglass a second chance to shine and bring back their original beauty with this innovative kit. For larger jobs, we do offer Craftics 20/20 Polish and our Professional Grade Cutzy Formula 52 Plastic Cleaner in eight ounce bottles. The larger size will allow you to easily tackle bigger jobs.